Jesus prayer

Jesus revealed to St. Gertrude that saying this prayer once frees very many souls from Purgatory:

“Eternal Father, I offer to You the most precious Blood of your Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in connection with all masses said in the world today, for souls suffering in Purgatory, for those dying now, for the conversion of sinners in the world, in the Church, in my family, and in my home. Amen”


The beginnings of this prayer go back to the first centuries of the Catholic Church. The Blessed Virgin Mary promised to St. Gertrude and St. Mechtylda that she will protect from a deadly sin in a given day everyone who will say this prayer in the morning and in the evening :

We thank You Holy Trinity for POWER bestowed on the Virgin Mary,
Hail Mary …

We thank You Holy Trinity for WISDOM bestowed on the Virgin Mary,
Hail Mary …

We thank You Holy Trinity for GENTLENESS and MERCY bestowed on the Virgin Mary,
Hail Mary …

Jesus promised also to St. Brygida, St. Matilde and St. Elizabeth of Hungary: ‘To all those faithful ones who every day for three years will say two “Our Father…”, two “Hail Mary…” and two “Glory be to the Father…” in praise of those drops of Blood which I shed, I will impart the following graces:

  1. They will receive complete forgiveness and remission of their sins.
  2. They will be free from Purgatory torment.
  3. If they die before the three years are over, it will be accepted as if they had completed them.
  4. After death they will be credited with the same merits as if they had shed all their blood for the faith.
  5. I will come down to receive their souls and their relatives’ souls as far as the fourth generation.’